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Is There A Photo You Like?

If there is a photo you have seen on my pages, social media or at the El Paso Herald-Post (I write/shoot under the name of Steven Cottingham at the Herald-Post) you can order a printed copy of that photo! 

The photo you want may already be on sale one on of my following shops, do check there first:


Getty Images


SGS Films and Photos

How To Order:

If the photo you are looking for is not listed on any of the above sites, then contact me. Simply tell me where you saw the photo and which photo(s) you want. 

Available sizes are:

8 x 10 $12.99

11 x 14 $17.99

12 x 18 $21.99

16 x 20 $28.99

20 x 30 $38.99

Shipping and handling for all orders is $4.99. All orders are drop shipped from the lab. 

If you wish to purchase a commercial license for any of the photos, please contact me for further details. 

You can contact me at:



Or, you may simply click the contact button below. 


Please keep in mind that all of my work is under copyright. You cannot simply take the photos and share then. For more information on copyrights simply click here.

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