I am not really a fan of Christmas. Growing up it was not a time of joy and happiness. It was anything but! I’m soured on it.

This Christmas Eve I was in a much better place- I had Chantilly with me, and that always makes everything better. Then, Chantilly and I spent the evening with LeeAnn, Rusty and their family.

Earlier in the day, we did shot some photos at San Pablo Lutheran Church. Those are the photos I am sharing with you. Also going to share an older Christmas poem. This poem was part of an interview I gave a very long time ago! Click here if you want to read the interview.

Patience is a Virtue

…I lined myself directly behind her making sure I could watch her reactions in the mirror.

…I told her to back up to me,

…I stopped her when she was in position.

…Slowly I eased it in.

…Only a little at first,

…Being careful not to cause any damage.

…It became obvious to me that I needed to get further in.

…I wanted to be patient.

…Once I had it all in I glanced again in the mirror.

…The look on her face assured me she was completely satisfied and excited at the same time.

…I closed the tailgate and we took our Christmas tree home.


I am a poet, artist, jounalist/photojounalist.

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