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El Paso seems to be a city that wants to recreate itself in the image of Austin, San Antonio, or any other big city found in the Lone Star State. City Council seems to think there is something wrong with what we have. They have appointed themselves as the guardians of the future- hell-bent on creating El Paso in their image.

Take, for example, this $180 million dollar arena the City of El Paso wants to build in the downtown area.


In this area, there are some really great buildings, businesses, and art. Also, a fire station, a community police station. And it is all to be torn down. Is the city interested in preserving this area? No. They just want to build an arena that won’t be larger than anything we already have in El Paso. Keep in mind; we really don’t sell out the arena’s already here.

Here are some photos from the are set to be torn down. I did talk to one business owner and asked what he thought of the idea. He said that he held no opinion on the arena one way or the other. He said he didn’t like the way the city was buying out his building. He was told to pick a building anywhere in the city, and they would buy it for him. However, he is not interested in reopening in any other location. He would rather close, and take the cash. Yet, the city is not offering him any cash for his building. A bit of bad Cricket, that.

The building of the arena was a quality of life bond issue, however. When we voted for this arena, the city had not yet selected a place on which to build the arena. They chose downtown, yet again. Why? I was told by one city employee that they believe if tourism is driven to the downtown area, it will branch out to other parts of the city. Sort of the same thinking for putting the ballpark down there- yet, I don’t believe that has ever sold out a single game. So many other locations for this arena. The City is too short sited.

The first section is photos from the area. The second section is additional photos from my walk that day.



The photo shown below was taken across the street from the Greyhound station. Seems this was the property (prison property) of a guy who was released from prison and was to report to the halfway house. Seem’s he never made it. Turns out the guy was a sex offender who failed to report. The good thing, he was arrested about a week later. There was even a check in all of this- made payable to him from the prison.

Downtown El Paso (43 of 45)

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