A Walk About Five Points

Steven Cottingham Walkabout_-12

The following comes from one of my walkabouts in El Paso. I started at the Five Points area and found myself at Copia and Fort. The two things I hold as favorite locations from this walkabout photoshoot are the First Ward Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the Gas Station. I hope you will find something in this post that you will enjoy!


El Paso First Ward Chapel

Built in 1931, this chapel was the first Mormon chapel (also called a ward) established in El Paso. Mormons, who had settled in the northern Mexico beginning in the late 1840s, began to arrive in the city in the early years of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920). It is estimated that 4,500-5,000 fled the armed conflict and made their way to El Paso. They lived in tent cities while they made plans to either remain in El Paso or move to other parts of the West. Those that stayed (about 10%) eventually built the chapel. In 1984 it became a Texas Historical Landmark. It was built in the Mission Revival style and features stained glass windows and a tower capped by a dome.

“Our chapels are not all constructed with the same design features,” said Church apostle Elder L. Tom Perry in a worldwide conference. “However, each one centers on the mission of our Savior. They are buildings dedicated for the purpose of worshiping Him.”


1919 Vintage Gas Station, Five Points

Nearly 90 years after it was built, this 1919 gas station was restored by antique business owner Rod Davenport to its fanciful glory.


Various Photos From My Walk



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All photos © 2017 Steven Earl Cottingham.

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