St Albans-12

Stained glass windows are beautiful. The add beauty and color to whatever room they are found. If they are in a church, however, they add more than beauty. At one point in their history, they served a far more valuable purpose.

Centuries ago, very few people could read. The Gospel, outside of church services, was closed to those who were unlettered. The windows communicated the story of the Gospel, the story of Mercy and Love.

Today, however, most windows seem only to serve a utilitarian purpose- they case pretty colors into the worship space. That, to me, is rather sad.

I am sharing with you some of my favorite windows in El Paso, and Las Cruces. I hope you enjoy the beauty of these windows, as well as appreciate the story they tell.

Click on any image, and you will get to see a larger version of it.

Pax et Bonum,


St. Alban’s Episcopal Church


Immaculate Conception Church

Most Holy Trinity

Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church

Our Lady of Health, Las Cruces, NM

Saint Clement’s Anglican Church

Windows From Various Churches in El Paso, Texas


© Steven E. Cottingham


4 thoughts on “Windows

  1. What a lovely subject for your photographs! Ever since I was child I’ve been entranced by the beauty of stained glass windows in churches. And some of the images are so on point that I hear myself thinking, “Oh, the Twenty-third Psalm!” or “The angel telling Mary she is to be the mother of Jesus!” Thank you for these!


      1. I’m just scratching the surface of photography and I’m not at all good at it but when I do get better I want to photograph stained glass windows. I’d print them and hang them just for my own heart.


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